[F] What Makes a Good Warriors OC

As a Warriors fan of well over ten years, I’ve seen many characters in my time. I have seen unbelievable characters where they somehow grow wings and fly, whereas I have also witnessed some of the most realistic ideas come to life in the form of a cat. Note that this blog post is not meant to bash anybody’s characters, but if you’re highly sensitive to realism of a Warriors character, then I do not think this blog post is for you.


Unrealistic Powers- While I am fully aware that there are some characters in the series with some unexplained unrealistic powers, I do not believe it is wise to incorporate them in an original character. Unless you’re planning on writing an in-depth explanation and a decent story behind it, I fully believe that flying or invincibility should be left behind. In addition to that, it severely off-puts me whenever people write characters like that and expect me to role-play with them. I do not want to role-play with a character that’s going to whoop my rear end in battle! I want to role-play with a character that grows casually and has no massive advantages.

Obvious Prophecies- It drives me nuts whenever people center their characters around a huge prophecy and make it super obvious from the beginning. Prophecies are supposed to be difficult to figure out- leave your readers wondering! If you make it clear right from the get-go that your character is meant to save the world from destruction, then the readers won’t bother reading the story because they know what happens!

Multiple Personalities- I do not agree with anybody who does not add in a few flaws relevant to their cat’s character. You absolutely cannot have a fierce warrior and a gentle, sweet cat in the same character. It’s contradictory, but it’s also frustrating beyond belief. If you want to have a fierce warrior, make sure that they’re fiery and stubborn. I’m not saying they cannot have a soft side, but don’t make it so that they’re switching personalities every so often.

Unbearable Tragic Backstories- I understand that every cat has a background story; all of them do. But do not, I repeat, do not have a cat who loses literally everything within their first year of life. That’s a huge no-no because it adds way too much tension to a story. If you truly want to have a decent backstory, then ensure that your character loses special friends and whatnot as the story continues. Do not just drop a bombshell right at the start. Also, going along with that, a tragic backstory is not ideal for the making of an evil character and justifying it. What I mean is: it’s okay to make a character evil because of their back story, but that does not excuse any behavior. Do not make your readers feel sorry for them as that cat chose his/her own path in the end.


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