Cleaning Out My Phone!

Hey guys! So, today, I’ve decided to clean out my phone of unused applications and replace them with ones I actually am interested in using. I will be going over how I decide which applications to remove and whatnot. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an avid user of social media, so most of that will be staying…

My Set-Up Beforehand!

So, right off the bat, I can automatically tell you guys which applications I will be keeping for various reasons..

Amino- Amino is a great application in my opinion because it connects you with communities of your own personal interest. I am involved in quite a few, and as there’s no known website for the application, I will definitely be keeping it on my phone for the time being!

Facebook- Whenever I’m out and about, I prefer to keep Facebook on hand just in case somebody needs to contact me. In addition to that, I tend to snap photos and it’s easier for me to upload them from my phone as opposed to going onto my laptop.

Instagram- Instagram is staying because some of my friends are on Instagram as opposed to other messenger services. Plus, I frequently upload my photos to Instagram as well.

Notes- I absolutely need Notes because I use them for my Instagram caption layouts and I keep random thoughts of mine there. It’d be a bad idea for me to remove it.

SnapChat- I debated on this one for a while. Although I am not too terribly fond of SnapChat and had deleted it last time, I’ve decided to keep it because I talk to a wide variety of friends on there.

Tumblr- Much like Instagram, I’m keeping tumblr because I have a rather broad following on the account I have there. I often check my phone first thing in the morning, so if I receive an ask on tumblr, I’ll be able to check it right away as opposed to logging into a slow laptop.

Twitter- Even though I’m still iffy on Twitter, I’ll be keeping the application because I like to see what’s going on in the world and Twitter is often where I receive a good majority of news, believe it or not.

MediBang- I tried to remove this one. I really did. Honestly, though, this application is where I make most of my digital drawings and although I’ve tried other ones, I cannot tear myself away from MediBang. It stays.

Wattpad- I’m trying to grow my writing skills and therefore, I am keeping Wattpad because I would like to keep track of the story statistics I have on there. I might end up removing it if my story doesn’t go well.

LuckyCactus- I got this application on a whim a few months ago, and it’s honestly something I have yet to try out for legitimacy. For now, I’ll keep it around.

Block Hexa- This game is a puzzle game, and I actually love it! It keeps me busy and it focuses my mind as necessary.

Solitaire- Much like Block Hexa, this is a game I enjoy playing. It’s great for passing the time, too!

Etsy- Even though I’ve only ordered from Etsy a few times, their products have never once failed me. Considering that I’m looking to do a bit of shopping this week, I figured I’d keep Etsy on the list.

AliExpress- This application has a ton of bargain items! It would be extremely unwise of me to remove it. I have yet to order from them, but I’m keeping my mind open for now.

Messenger- Facebook Messenger is my go-to platform, basically. I use it excessively to talk to friends, and I know I’ll definitely need it when I’m out and about.

Skype- In case Facebook Messenger fails, at least I got Skype. 😛

Music- I refuse to go on walks without any means of music.

Which Applications Are Being Removed?

Deal Or No Deal / Legendary / Monopoly / Trivia Crack / Wheel of Fortune- These games never really grabbed my sole interest and so I will be removing them.

YouTube- Even though I use YouTube excessively, I think using it while on my walks is extremely troublesome- especially for my battery and data plan. Plus, I can’t really visit other social media while listening to videos so there’s that.

Ebates / CheckOut 51 / ibotta / RetailMeNot / ReceiptHog- I tried to get into all of these, but they simply required too much effort on my part.

Scrabble Free- I’m not into word game spam. I have the bad habit of starting a bunch of games then getting overwhelmed by notifications.

Wish / Amazon / Ebay / Walmart / GroupOn- I prefer to stick to a select few shopping applications.

Discord- Now this one will come as a shock, because I use Discord often. But the thing is, I’m in so many Discord groups with multiple channels that it’s too troublesome for me to select which ones I want notifications from and whatnot. So I find it best to save Discord usage for when I’m at home.

My New Set-Up!



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