[F] Why I Despise Bluestar

So, some people from the Warriors fandom have repeatedly asked me “Why do you despise Bluestar so much?”, and usually, I gave them a general answer. Today, I would like to go into why I think there’s a sheer amount of wrong with Bluestar as a character in the Warrior cats series.

I never always had a problem with Bluestar. In fact, I once viewed her as one of the most noble characters there was in the entire series.. then¬†Bluestar’s Prophecy was released. And as I read the book, I tried my very best to keep an open mind. Problem is, you cannot really keep an open mind when everything you’ve been taught about clashes with everything you’re reading. Allow me to explain.

As an apprentice, Bluestar held a very major disdain for the duties she was being taught- I suppose the best word to sum it up is impulsive. She was too quick to judge a task (as seen with her practice of gathering moss for the elders) for what she thought it might be. That, in a sense, rubbed me the wrong way. Then the whole battle with WindClan occurred, and Bluestar’s mother, Moonflower, died by the claws of Hawkheart- a medicine cat.

This is the point when I lose all respect for Bluestar. The day she stopped focusing on her Clan for the sake of focusing on her losses, that is the day she became an invalid character.

When you have a major loss or death of a family member, it is perfectly natural to shy away from others and avoid them for some time. People (and cats, I guess) cope in their own individual way when a huge traumatic event like that happens. But you don’t spend three months or so avoiding all the things you need to do in your life just because something happened. You keep moving forward- and I’m grateful for Sunstar’s character because he quite frankly knocks sense into the apprentice.

Another thing that immensely irritated me was the whole deal with Thistleclaw. Not only was he loved by Bluestar’s sister, Snowfur, but he was also massively despised by Bluestar. For no good reason. All Bluestar saw was an arrogant warrior- and eventually that led him to being damned out of StarClan by Bluestar after she died. Her opinion sent a cat who technically never broke the warrior code to the Dark Forest.

Speaking of Snowfur, she eventually dies and Bluestar yet again abandons her loyalty and duties.

And then she falls in love with a RiverClan warrior.

I actually agreed with Goosefeather when he said “it is not your destiny to feel better” after Bluestar had kits and gave them up to Oakheart.¬†Although the whole thing was against the code, Bluestar had the audacity to mourn a loss she never would have had to face if she didn’t do the deed.

So, I suppose that I have no sympathy for characters who waste their time on dwelling. Bluestar didn’t deserve to be leader, quite frankly, regardless of whatever prophecy might have existed for her. She wasted a majority of her life mourning instead of striving to be the best she could be.

That is why I don’t like her.

[F] What Makes a Good Warriors OC

As a Warriors fan of well over ten years, I’ve seen many characters in my time. I have seen unbelievable characters where they somehow grow wings and fly, whereas I have also witnessed some of the most realistic ideas come to life in the form of a cat. Note that this blog post is not meant to bash anybody’s characters, but if you’re highly sensitive to realism of a Warriors character, then I do not think this blog post is for you.


Unrealistic Powers- While I am fully aware that there are some characters in the series with some unexplained unrealistic powers, I do not believe it is wise to incorporate them in an original character. Unless you’re planning on writing an in-depth explanation and a decent story behind it, I fully believe that flying or invincibility should be left behind. In addition to that, it severely off-puts me whenever people write characters like that and expect me to role-play with them. I do not want to role-play with a character that’s going to whoop my rear end in battle! I want to role-play with a character that grows casually and has no massive advantages.

Obvious Prophecies- It drives me nuts whenever people center their characters around a huge prophecy and make it super obvious from the beginning. Prophecies are supposed to be difficult to figure out- leave your readers wondering! If you make it clear right from the get-go that your character is meant to save the world from destruction, then the readers won’t bother reading the story because they know what happens!

Multiple Personalities- I do not agree with anybody who does not add in a few flaws relevant to their cat’s character. You absolutely cannot have a fierce warrior and a gentle, sweet cat in the same character. It’s contradictory, but it’s also frustrating beyond belief. If you want to have a fierce warrior, make sure that they’re fiery and stubborn. I’m not saying they cannot have a soft side, but don’t make it so that they’re switching personalities every so often.

Unbearable Tragic Backstories- I understand that every cat has a background story; all of them do. But do not, I repeat, do not have a cat who loses literally everything within their first year of life. That’s a huge no-no because it adds way too much tension to a story. If you truly want to have a decent backstory, then ensure that your character loses special friends and whatnot as the story continues. Do not just drop a bombshell right at the start. Also, going along with that, a tragic backstory is not ideal for the making of an evil character and justifying it. What I mean is: it’s okay to make a character evil because of their back story, but that does not excuse any behavior. Do not make your readers feel sorry for them as that cat chose his/her own path in the end.