[Fan] Illidan S. Poem

Fel-seared eyes,Through broken lies,

He wasn’t always this way.
Loved the magic of light,

Still had his sight,

Though he never saved the day.
Cast into the shadow of leaves,

Forced to pick up his greaves,

And continue on from there.
His love and his cause, shattered by all,

Yet he continues to rise and fall.
Do you blame Illidan Stormrage,

For turning to the next page?


Hi guys! Today’s post will be focused on a story I wish to share with all of you. As many of my readers know, I deal with multiple disabilities, as well as general social anxiety.

So, every other day at least, I go on a walk for about half a mile to visit a playground of the elementary school I attended. Not only does walking with my music clear my mind, but I find swinging on playground swings extremely relaxing. Considering how stressed I discover I can be at times, taking time out of my day to give myself fresh air is actually quite helpful.

When I swing for a bit, I catch a view of two teenage boys playing basketball, and immediately, I knew I wanted to participate. They had clearly just arrived as well, probably a few minutes before I did. So, while swinging, I tried to figure out the best way to approach them. Granted, I have huge social anxiety, and so even talking to strangers leaves me extremely nervous- regardless of age or anything.

After about twenty to thirty minutes, I finally gathered up the courage to speak to them. I asked them if I could play- after all, worst case scenario, they’d say no, right? In a surprising turn, the boys eagerly accepted my request, and I spent the next half hour in an intense game of basketball.

The thing is, social anxiety can control you, yes. However, if you summon enough strength in yourself to push past it, there’s no doubt you’ll regret it. Consider the worst possible thing that can happen: maybe you get told off or something. However, I would rather regret the things I do than the things I don’t do.

And that is how I found courage despite my anxiety.

[F] My Problem With 13 Reasons Why

Hi guys! So, lately, my Facebook feed has been buzzing with the release of the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, and while I realize that many of my friends like the show, I would like to explain why I do not. I originally was advised by my counselor not to watch the show, and I have not seen more than twenty minutes worth of clips (my Mum and sister watched it). However, what I have seen warrants this post.

This blog post will have mentions of suicide/depression/self-harm!! Do not read this post if you cannot handle those topics!

So, as we all know, 13 Reasons Why is about a girl who commits suicide, and has a few cassette tapes- each side discussing her story and the people who wronged her, which led her to commit suicide.

I don’t know how to begin to describe the sheer amount of wrong I find with this.

First of all, I’ve lost a couple of people to suicide, one of them being my uncle. So I understand that suicide affects literally everybody- furthermore, I’ve tried to overdose once, because things had gotten extremely tough and I felt utterly hopeless.

Hannah Baker, the deceased, felt hopeless, yes. But the fact that she made these tapes? She deliberately wanted to ruin everybody elses’ lives following the demise of hers. She wanted revenge, essentially, because of the people who made her feel terrible. And that’s not okay material to have people be watching, especially in a world filled with so much hate and pain already. If the show had slipped in some sort of anti-bullying message (which, seems to be the basis of Hannah’s many reasons to want to commit), I would have given props to them.

The thing is, when you make an active decision, you need to take accountability for it. Hannah knew exactly what she was doing, and she had the ability at any point to stop making the audio recordings (as the suicide appeared to have been immensely planned out). She did not. Hannah Baker made the active choice to take her own life, and while the circumstances were extremely rough, she ended up taking her life.

I’m not trying to demean the people who have taken their life in any way- the fact Hannah placed intense blame on the people who hurt her is the issue I honestly have. Nobody should be forced to carry that burden in knowing they hurt somebody so bad, and they’re probably never going to overcome that struggle, especially in the manner Hannah emphasized her pain. Because blaming other people for a decision you made is not the way to go about your problems in this world.

[F] What Makes a Good Warriors OC

As a Warriors fan of well over ten years, I’ve seen many characters in my time. I have seen unbelievable characters where they somehow grow wings and fly, whereas I have also witnessed some of the most realistic ideas come to life in the form of a cat. Note that this blog post is not meant to bash anybody’s characters, but if you’re highly sensitive to realism of a Warriors character, then I do not think this blog post is for you.


Unrealistic Powers- While I am fully aware that there are some characters in the series with some unexplained unrealistic powers, I do not believe it is wise to incorporate them in an original character. Unless you’re planning on writing an in-depth explanation and a decent story behind it, I fully believe that flying or invincibility should be left behind. In addition to that, it severely off-puts me whenever people write characters like that and expect me to role-play with them. I do not want to role-play with a character that’s going to whoop my rear end in battle! I want to role-play with a character that grows casually and has no massive advantages.

Obvious Prophecies- It drives me nuts whenever people center their characters around a huge prophecy and make it super obvious from the beginning. Prophecies are supposed to be difficult to figure out- leave your readers wondering! If you make it clear right from the get-go that your character is meant to save the world from destruction, then the readers won’t bother reading the story because they know what happens!

Multiple Personalities- I do not agree with anybody who does not add in a few flaws relevant to their cat’s character. You absolutely cannot have a fierce warrior and a gentle, sweet cat in the same character. It’s contradictory, but it’s also frustrating beyond belief. If you want to have a fierce warrior, make sure that they’re fiery and stubborn. I’m not saying they cannot have a soft side, but don’t make it so that they’re switching personalities every so often.

Unbearable Tragic Backstories- I understand that every cat has a background story; all of them do. But do not, I repeat, do not have a cat who loses literally everything within their first year of life. That’s a huge no-no because it adds way too much tension to a story. If you truly want to have a decent backstory, then ensure that your character loses special friends and whatnot as the story continues. Do not just drop a bombshell right at the start. Also, going along with that, a tragic backstory is not ideal for the making of an evil character and justifying it. What I mean is: it’s okay to make a character evil because of their back story, but that does not excuse any behavior. Do not make your readers feel sorry for them as that cat chose his/her own path in the end.